Saturday, October 14, 2006

God must be center of lives, or anarchy will prevail - The Clarion-Ledger

God must be center of lives, or anarchy will prevail - The Clarion-Ledger

I guess there's hope for us yet.

Anarchy is the absence of the state, the ultimate central authority, so it makes sense that a world without rulers would not have room for a god, or especially a God.

In fact, since 80-90% of the people in the united States "believe" in a god, only 10% are prepared to live in anarchy, taking responsibility for their own lives and their particpation in their communities.

Pretty depressing.

The author of this article claims that one cannot decide about morality and ethics without a central authority to tell us what constitutes "proper human conduct." Nonsense. We all know what is right when we grow up in a fully functional, living community, embedded in a healthy bioregion. The lessons are all around us. How could we not know?

When the central authority attempts to convince us that murder, rape, stealing, bullying and destruction of property are right and necessary to support the state, especially when sanctioned by the puppet god propped up for the occasion, we begin to question the authority of both the state and the god. We know these things are wrong.

The government of the united States has wound up a tin god to provide authority for its corporate oligarchy and its destructive imperialist subjugation of most of the rest of the world. Even further, they have cynically allied with fundamentalist Christians in a world-wide pogrom against non-Christians to gain control of world resources and to line the pockets of their corporate supporters. Some dare call this fascism, and they are correct in every respect.

Fortunately, "fantastic doctrines require unanimity of opinion" as Ed Abbey once said. Even the smallest voice of dissent casts doubts in the minds of millions of adherents. That's why we must always speak out and why we will always be marginalized and oppressed.

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