Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Cell Phones Reduce Sperm Levels!

And here all this time I thought it was brain cells that were being affected!

Maybe this will do something to reduce the number of cell phone impaired drivers on the road. Then again, probably not. They'd have to read to find out about it.


  1. Sean Carr7:01 PM

    Sounds like a good thing if you ask me. Population reduction through capitalism, it's a win win. Probably not, but it'd sure be nice to think so.

  2. Anonymous9:23 AM

    "But a UK expert said it was unlikely the phones were to blame, as they were in use and not near the testes, and it may be being sedentary was the cause."

    "He added that people who use phones for longer might be more sedentary, more stressed or eat more junk food, which might be more likely explanations for the link found in the study. "

    More testing needs to be done.