Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Big Question: Can America Ever be Weaned off its Love Affair with Guns?

CommonDreams article

There is an elephant in this living room that is never mentioned:

Guns are manufactured and sold for a profit. Human beings make money by manufacturing and selling machines that have only one purpose: to kill. Mostly to kill other humans.

There is no escaping the conclusion that responsibility for the deaths of children in schools across the united States, for hundreds of young people gunned down on the streets of our cities, for hundreds of thousands, no, millions, of innocent human beings slaughtered and maimed by tools of destruction, lies with those who created and sold those machines for a profit. Pecuniary recompense. Filthy lucre.

We have decided in our society that it is improper to sell drugs that cause human misery and death. We pass laws to make sale and possession of these drugs illegal. Yet, when it comes to guns, we turn away from the responsibility for manufacturing these machines of death and, worse yet, for their sale for a profit. We, as a society, have decided it's all right for members of our society to line their pockets at the expense of the lives of human beings and animals around the world.

Forget abortion, euthenasia and stem cell research. We can't even stop making and selling guns!

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  1. Apologies to elephants, please. How about we speak of the SUV in the room from now on?

    May I add that not only do the manufacturers of these weapons for profits bear responsibility for their death, maiming, suffering and other drstructions, so also does each and every person who makes money on the stock market investing in the rich rewards of the greedy.