Friday, September 01, 2006

The New Deal


Here's the deal:

Western Civilization is fucked. Even if it ever existed. Which I doubt.

The ninnies and feebs in control: that is to say, George W. Bush and his favorite lap dog, Tony Blair... and all of their puppet masters, sycophants, apologists, toadies and coat holders, are trying desperately to hold onto the fading gleam of a past that never was: that being a benign, imperialist, colonial world power run by an elite minority of very rich and very powerful, white, male, human beings.

Even if Global Climate Change weren't already making the world unfit for human survival, this ancient ideology would be doomed.

Doomed, as in defunct, outdated, untenable, unrealistic; in short, fatally stupid.

This world we inhabit: this Earth, is a finite place. There's only one, this one we live on. It has only so much breathable air, drinkable water, arable land - and much of that is absolutley required for the maintenance of billions of other species other than the self-important little upstart Homo sap. Species that are critical to the survival of all species. Humans cannot continue to commidify and consume the world as if there are a dozen more on the shelf waiting to be dropped into our shopping basket as needed.

Only one.

And it's getting pretty well used up.

When I see how incredibly stupid are the vast majority of the human herd taking up space and breathing precious clean air on this planet, I take solace in the sure knowledge that Nature bats last. Climate change and peak oil will pretty much wipe us out, destroy our "economy" once and for all, make our cities into toxic cesspools, reduce our glittering skyscrapers to piles of pretty rubble.

A slow 9/11, Take Two.

So, on these pages, while they last, I'll record my observations of the last days of the Human Experiment, The Fall and Ultimate Collapse of Human Civilization, the Return of of the Age of Animals, the Winged, the Four-Legged, the Finned, the Two-Legged, feathered and featherless.

Oh yes, Humans will survive, sort of. Not drinking latt├ęs in their SUVs. Not with cell phones permanently stuck to their ears, not riding on their butts in tin cans on rubber wheels.

Humans will take their place in their true home, Wilderness, beside the other wild animals that inhabit this jewel of a planet.

Or they will be but a fossilized remnant of what once was, something to be marveled at by a future, truly civilized species of intelligent cockroach.


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