Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Left Coast

For once I live in a place seen as progressive, at least by the French! Not that it's entirely true, of course. After all, we have Arnold Gropenegger for Governor! And who could tell it on a Monday morning at 7 am, when 35,000 neighbors drive 35 miles over the hill, one per car, to go to jobs in San Jose, to pay for their $750,000 McMansions here in Santa Cruz.

So where does this picture of California come from? Certainly not from Ronald Reagan. The state legislature has never been known as particularly progressive, though there are a few outsanding exceptions. Our democratic Congress critters are pretty good: Barbara Lee is a stirling example.

Generally, Repubs out number Democrats, big business is in full control and the military holds sway in the big cities.

Maybe it's the climate: 72 high, 50s low, rain two months of the winter... ok, three. That's here on the Central coast where the fog keeps us cool and mellow. "Chill out" was invented in Santa Cruz. I hear that it's warmer in the Central Valley, but we never go there. Nice mountains on either side!

Then there's the green cathedrals of the redwoods. Who could be anything but calm in a place like this?

Ah well, just have to buck up and suffer through, I guess. Someone has to live here, in this place, on its own terms.


  1. Interesting contrast between your neck of the woods and Four Corners.

    As far as climate goes, I'll take NorCal. Cost of living is a bummer, but the attitude and the big trees are hard to beat.

    I really dig those little towns on the way up Palo Alto...Ben Lomond, Boulder Creek...nice places with good folks.

    My condolences on your living conditions.

  2. It's only expensive if you have to buy a house, live in a McMansion and commute over the hill to work. Thse of us who live modestly, walk to work, take a civilized two hour lunch and walk to the market find it quite inexpensive to live here.

    Perspective: use it or lose it.