Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Ancien Régime

The sun rises in its usual trajectory over the dying remnants of the American Empire. Here on the Left Coast, we receive its warming rays several hours later than in the Great National Cesspool in Washington, on what's left of the Potomac. What once was a biologically verdant swamp has now degenerated into a dank miasma of creeping fascism, its slimy denizens skulking about in the fetid halls of what they perceive as power.

We inhabit two different worlds in the united States of America these days. One, the world of power, influence, graft and corruption, the constant struggle to climb the economic ladders to the illusory top of the heap, the media lies and distortions, the manipulation and control of access to the information necessary to fully participate in democratic society.

In the other world, the real world, we live our daily lives, bask in the sun, admire the pelicans, count the waves. We dandle our children on our knees, take long walks in the glowing sunset, make love, eat good nutritious food, enjoy a fine glass of vin ordinaire, support local politics, speak up for issues in our own back yards, enjoy the sleep of the just, the just tired.

The gulf between the two worlds is ever widening, such that the stink of national politics is but a distant irritant on the breeze, a faint smell of something long dead, a dried flat husk along the highway of life. The puerile posturing of the politicians on the Potomac have less and less relevance to our daily lives here at home.

Unfortunately, our (un)representatives have yet to realize their irrelevancy, suffering under the illusion that their activities are of supreme importance in the conduct of the nation, thus precipitating further excess and injury to the citizens of this poor beat up and mismanaged corporate state. After all, we keep voting for them, whether they do what we want or not. Maybe it's best to stop it altogether - it only encourages them.

Instead of voting every two years or so, why don't we give real democracy a try? You know, rule by the people: that's us. We couldn't do any worse, and I'll bet we'd do a damned sight better. Let's pull in our horns, let the festering rot on the Potomac sink back into the swamp. Let's decide for ourselves, day to day, how to conduct our lives, as befits all living residents, human and non, of our own bioregions. Who knows best how to live than those who live here? We have much to learn about where we live and the rest of our lives to learn it, if we live that long.

There will be those who object to severing the leash, unsucking from the government tit, finding our own way in the world, learning to support ourselves. After decades of existence under the overweening security blanket of the welfare state, the habits of democracy have faded to distant memory. No worry, we'll build our own social networks, teach our children, support our revered elders, produce locally for local consumption. As the ninnies and feebs of the Ancien Régime burn the last of their precious fossil fools, we'll be well on our way to a sane human society living in harmony with the natural world. Not because it's a good idea, or because some leader tells us we must... because it's the only way humans can continue to live on this planet at all.

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  1. We need a national "fuck off" movement. No participation in the national charade. Maybe a tax revolt. Something.

    One thing seems clear. There's no reformation on the horizon while the current batch of politicians is in place.

    Total overhaul is what's needed.

    Good old Jeffersonian democracy would be nice.

    I was recently reading an interview with John Depuy in The Canyon Country Zephyr. I picked up several copies while in Moab and plan on sending you one.

    Anyway, it made me wonder where all the old warriors have gone. The guys that "got it."

    Depuy, Peacock, Foreman, Abbey, Loeffler, Petersen....

    As my grandma used to say, "they don't make 'em like that anymore," and that's the damn truth. This generation has no spine. They've capitulated and been sucked into the propaganda vortex, mostly by electronics.

    No one seems to know how to think.

    Those that can think are apparently anachronisms. Folks that lived 150 years too late.

  2. Don't get all your allusions, being English, but I like the cut of your jib.