Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Call me Insensitive

I'm sorry: wilderness is not wheelchair friendly.

Wilderness is a place where natural rules obtain: no motorized vehicles. Period. If you can't get there on your own two feet, you can't get there.

Wilderness has no obligation to offer itself for destruction to make way for humans who are unfortunate enough to be unable to walk into wilderness on their own two feet. That's just the way it is. Get over it. Forget about it. Let it pass. People who are handicapped are different, and no amount of liberal whining and hand-clasping can change that.

Biologists have a technical term for handicapped animals in the wilderness; they call them "lunch."

Human beings are not born equal, no matter how the Constitution of the united States of America is intepreted. We're different, each and every one. We each have unique abilities and limitations. Human society does not have an obligation to ensure that each and every human being has the same capabilities as each and every other human being. This is impossible.

Let's celebrate each other for what we can do, and stop pretending everyone can do every thing.

Let's celebrate wilderness for what it is, a place free from human manipulation, and let's stop trying to make wilderness into a therapist's couch for the ills of one single species. Wilderness does not exist to make us feel better about ourselves. Wilderness exists for itself or it does not exist at all.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Left Coast

For once I live in a place seen as progressive, at least by the French! Not that it's entirely true, of course. After all, we have Arnold Gropenegger for Governor! And who could tell it on a Monday morning at 7 am, when 35,000 neighbors drive 35 miles over the hill, one per car, to go to jobs in San Jose, to pay for their $750,000 McMansions here in Santa Cruz.

So where does this picture of California come from? Certainly not from Ronald Reagan. The state legislature has never been known as particularly progressive, though there are a few outsanding exceptions. Our democratic Congress critters are pretty good: Barbara Lee is a stirling example.

Generally, Repubs out number Democrats, big business is in full control and the military holds sway in the big cities.

Maybe it's the climate: 72 high, 50s low, rain two months of the winter... ok, three. That's here on the Central coast where the fog keeps us cool and mellow. "Chill out" was invented in Santa Cruz. I hear that it's warmer in the Central Valley, but we never go there. Nice mountains on either side!

Then there's the green cathedrals of the redwoods. Who could be anything but calm in a place like this?

Ah well, just have to buck up and suffer through, I guess. Someone has to live here, in this place, on its own terms.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Ancien Régime

The sun rises in its usual trajectory over the dying remnants of the American Empire. Here on the Left Coast, we receive its warming rays several hours later than in the Great National Cesspool in Washington, on what's left of the Potomac. What once was a biologically verdant swamp has now degenerated into a dank miasma of creeping fascism, its slimy denizens skulking about in the fetid halls of what they perceive as power.

We inhabit two different worlds in the united States of America these days. One, the world of power, influence, graft and corruption, the constant struggle to climb the economic ladders to the illusory top of the heap, the media lies and distortions, the manipulation and control of access to the information necessary to fully participate in democratic society.

In the other world, the real world, we live our daily lives, bask in the sun, admire the pelicans, count the waves. We dandle our children on our knees, take long walks in the glowing sunset, make love, eat good nutritious food, enjoy a fine glass of vin ordinaire, support local politics, speak up for issues in our own back yards, enjoy the sleep of the just, the just tired.

The gulf between the two worlds is ever widening, such that the stink of national politics is but a distant irritant on the breeze, a faint smell of something long dead, a dried flat husk along the highway of life. The puerile posturing of the politicians on the Potomac have less and less relevance to our daily lives here at home.

Unfortunately, our (un)representatives have yet to realize their irrelevancy, suffering under the illusion that their activities are of supreme importance in the conduct of the nation, thus precipitating further excess and injury to the citizens of this poor beat up and mismanaged corporate state. After all, we keep voting for them, whether they do what we want or not. Maybe it's best to stop it altogether - it only encourages them.

Instead of voting every two years or so, why don't we give real democracy a try? You know, rule by the people: that's us. We couldn't do any worse, and I'll bet we'd do a damned sight better. Let's pull in our horns, let the festering rot on the Potomac sink back into the swamp. Let's decide for ourselves, day to day, how to conduct our lives, as befits all living residents, human and non, of our own bioregions. Who knows best how to live than those who live here? We have much to learn about where we live and the rest of our lives to learn it, if we live that long.

There will be those who object to severing the leash, unsucking from the government tit, finding our own way in the world, learning to support ourselves. After decades of existence under the overweening security blanket of the welfare state, the habits of democracy have faded to distant memory. No worry, we'll build our own social networks, teach our children, support our revered elders, produce locally for local consumption. As the ninnies and feebs of the Ancien Régime burn the last of their precious fossil fools, we'll be well on our way to a sane human society living in harmony with the natural world. Not because it's a good idea, or because some leader tells us we must... because it's the only way humans can continue to live on this planet at all.

Leona Gulch
Pacific Plate

Hayduke Speaks!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Bush Tramples the American Flag

In a moment of unusual candor during a day of hyperbole, unbridled jingoism and historical revisionism, President George W. Bush revealed his true feelings about the people of this country by walking on the flag of the United States of America.

For one who touts patriotism and responsibility to the nation, this was a slap in the face to all who honor this flag and this country.

Impeach this imposter, before he declares martial law and does away with the next election!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

A Peek Behind the Curtain

Critics Decry "Destroy and Lend" Policy

In this recent article, we see the true nature of the "War on Terror:" it's the old "War on democracy" tricked out in funny nose and glasses.

It's an old cunundrum of the rich, industrial elite: how to get the people to participate in their own oppression?

It's no secret that the world is ruled by an oligarchy consisting of Wall Street, drug money laundering, conducting war and cleaning up after war and the necessary bureaucracy to keep the whole thing running smoothly. Oh yeah, oil; musn't forget about oil. It's the capitalist shell game played out to its ultimate end. All it needs from us, the consuming public, is complicity, apathy and incuriosity. How fitting that the Current Occupant has been described as the most incurious Presaident ever witnessed. Of course: that's why he's there! He's the leader.

It's curious to note that the events of September 11, 2001 have never recurred in the United States. There have been "terrorist" actions around the world, usually laid at the feet of al Qa'ida before the dust settles and the blood congeals. Oh yes, we've had "plots," eventually explained, in the back pages of the stenographers of power, to be the result of "informants" and "infiltrators," who, oh by the way, supplied the "terrorists" with weapons, transportation, money and even targets. None of the "plots," have grown to fruition, always forestalled at the crucial moment by our ever-ready band of Homeland Security agents.

Isn't it odd that death and mayhem continue throughout the world, even the "civilized" world, if there is such a place, but not here in the United States. Hmmmm...

Wonder what that means?


Saturday, September 02, 2006

Controlling the Past

Rumsfeld's American Legion

Great speech... conveniently leaving out the "inconvenient truth" that the American Legion was founded in February 1919 to counter revolutionary unrest in Europe following the end of World War I, by forming a veterans’ organization with the stated purpose of looking after veterans’ welfare, and uniting them to defend America at home as they had abroad.

Started on a $125,000 shoe string, the Legion solicited funds from wealthy industrialists, concealing from veterens the fact that big business was backing the organization to use it for strike breaking. Legion posts were told that strikers were Communists trying to create chaos so they could take over. Legionnaires were given baseball bats to break up strikes and civil rights demonstrations. The American Civil Liberties Union later reported, "Of the forces most active in attacking civil rights, the American Legion led the field."

Now we see the Oval One and His Handlers stepping up the war rhetoric, dropping the alarming word "fascist" at every opportunity, raising the spectre of "appeasement," which conveniently rings a higher tone in British ears, still smarting under loads of historic guilt for "appeasing" Hitler.

It's a simple propaganda technique: change the past to mold the future. "He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future."


Friday, September 01, 2006

The New Deal


Here's the deal:

Western Civilization is fucked. Even if it ever existed. Which I doubt.

The ninnies and feebs in control: that is to say, George W. Bush and his favorite lap dog, Tony Blair... and all of their puppet masters, sycophants, apologists, toadies and coat holders, are trying desperately to hold onto the fading gleam of a past that never was: that being a benign, imperialist, colonial world power run by an elite minority of very rich and very powerful, white, male, human beings.

Even if Global Climate Change weren't already making the world unfit for human survival, this ancient ideology would be doomed.

Doomed, as in defunct, outdated, untenable, unrealistic; in short, fatally stupid.

This world we inhabit: this Earth, is a finite place. There's only one, this one we live on. It has only so much breathable air, drinkable water, arable land - and much of that is absolutley required for the maintenance of billions of other species other than the self-important little upstart Homo sap. Species that are critical to the survival of all species. Humans cannot continue to commidify and consume the world as if there are a dozen more on the shelf waiting to be dropped into our shopping basket as needed.

Only one.

And it's getting pretty well used up.

When I see how incredibly stupid are the vast majority of the human herd taking up space and breathing precious clean air on this planet, I take solace in the sure knowledge that Nature bats last. Climate change and peak oil will pretty much wipe us out, destroy our "economy" once and for all, make our cities into toxic cesspools, reduce our glittering skyscrapers to piles of pretty rubble.

A slow 9/11, Take Two.

So, on these pages, while they last, I'll record my observations of the last days of the Human Experiment, The Fall and Ultimate Collapse of Human Civilization, the Return of of the Age of Animals, the Winged, the Four-Legged, the Finned, the Two-Legged, feathered and featherless.

Oh yes, Humans will survive, sort of. Not drinking lattés in their SUVs. Not with cell phones permanently stuck to their ears, not riding on their butts in tin cans on rubber wheels.

Humans will take their place in their true home, Wilderness, beside the other wild animals that inhabit this jewel of a planet.

Or they will be but a fossilized remnant of what once was, something to be marveled at by a future, truly civilized species of intelligent cockroach.


It's time for a change...

I've not posted much to this blog of late, mainly due to sloth, indolence and general loose morals. Not that I haven't been thinking, or reading, or agonizing over the latest newsertainment.

Far from it.

It's more been a case of "What's the use?" Who reads this shit, anyway? A couple of friends, a bored geek or two, an occassional lost traveler on the information superhighway. In the end, what difference does it make?

But then I said to myself, "Self, you have to put down in words here what no one else is saying." The sycophants, the toadies, the Yes Men and Yes Women have taken over the world, have simmered the intellectual stew down to a thin, black crust on the bottom of the pan, there to lie in obscure, crepuscular execresence.


Not to be tolerated.


The end.

So herein I begin anew, with a spiffy Nature-like countenance, to relay my observations on the End of Western Civilization, if that's what it is, which I doubt.

As we have known it...