Tuesday, May 30, 2006

5 Million years of evolution reversed by a fashion statement

Today I walked, for about a half mile, behind a young male person of high school age. He was togged out in the latest fashion: hair net, t-shirt down to his knees, black shorts with the pockets hanging down behind his knees, the crotch below knee level. I couldn't see the waistband.

As I watched, there was something decidedly odd about his gait. His toes were turned out, his knees were bent and splayed apart, he walked with a kind of rolling motion. It suddenly occurred to me that he walked like a chimpanzee!

Homo sapiens has spent 5 million years learning how to walk upright and bipedally and here we have a fashion design from ignorant rappers in New York City turning back the clock of evolution. This poor young man will grow up with hip displasia from wearing ill-fitting shorts and forever change the culture of walking for his descendents, if he has any.

We're fucked!

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