Wednesday, April 19, 2006

We want our revolution -- NOW!

We've got new generals our leaders are new.
They sit and they argue and all that they do
Is sell their own colleagues and ride upon their backs
And jail them and break them and give them all the axe. *

Our "leaders" are insane. Our President is an apocalyptic dipsomaniac. Democracy has been sold for a phrase and the people are lined up to rubber stamp the fate chosen for them. Those who refuse to comply are shunted aside, co-opted, bought off, framed and arrested for no reason, or simply killed. Who's to say no?

That which is not forbidden is required.

I talked to a young lady at the video boutique today, to establish my identity so to rent a subversive video (French Connection). She was incredulous that I never carry ID with me. She asked, "Don't you have to show a state ID for things?" Of course, I am 56, more salt than peppery long hair, white beard and moustache. I haven't been carded at the pub for decades.

And yet... she assumed everyone must carry ID.

That which is not forbidden is required.

Time to throw the rabble out, with votes, if possible (hardly likely); with our bodies if we must. We must cleanse the Oval Office of this insanity before it's too late, before this mad King George throws nukes with his tantrums and starts something that none of us will live to its end.

We want our rights and we don't care how.
We want our revolution - NOW! *

From "Marat / Sade"
(Adrian Mitchell / Richard Peaslee)
Peter Weiss

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