Friday, March 17, 2006

This is Our President?

The Buffoon-in-Chief accepts shamrocks from a statesman.

We are lost. The United States government is the class clown of the world. The government of the United States knows only violence and buffoonery. The US government is the fat, empty-headed playground bully who sits on anyone who gets in his way.

"Hey, hey hey! It's Fat George, coming to get you. Fat George is the baddest buck-buck player in the world!"



  1. It's as embarrassing as anything I've ever seen. Watching our so-called leaders like watching an episode of Laugh-In, except Laugh-In was funny.

    What's happening in America is sad. Why aren't more Americans angry?

    'Cause they're stupid!

  2. One thing to always keep in mind: there are no mistakes in politics. If it happens, that's the way it was intended.

    The Oval One is just the baffon that those in power put there. He serves their purposes, else he wouldn't be there. He'd be co-opted, overshadowed, deposed, even assassinated.

    And he's still occupying the Oval Office.

    So we see it was is intended for us to see, by those who seek to control what we think and do in our political lives.

    Makes you wonder who's lying in wait in the wings.