Wednesday, March 08, 2006

It's Liars All the Way Down!

Special Operations Troops and Intelligence: Elite Troops Get Expanded Role On Intelligence - New York Times

Bush executive order creates faith-based community center at Homeland Security - Raw Story

The United States Corporate Theocracy creeps ever closer to the world of "1984." Control of information, "newspeak" and blatant, outright lies carry the day.

Homeland Security? Just another cover name for the God Squad.

US Embassies? Barracks for US Storm Troopers and spies.

Diplomacy? Soften them up for invasion and occupation.

The Neocons continue the grand US tradition of right-wing "Christian" lying, cheating, graft, corruption, murder and mayhem that has dogged the heels of the US government since the 19th Century. What once was created as an undemocratic representative republic has now devolved into a fascist corporate oligarchy, opportunistically playing the God card to gain the support of the 85% of the people of the United States who believe in a god and look to centrally organized religion to solve their problems for them.

No need to worry about global warming when god is coming to take over the world!

War in the Middle East? Hey, that's the way it's s'posed to be! Says so right here in this black book! That's God's country, isn't it? Israel has a right to displace the Native people of that country. They weren't using al;l that sand anyway!

It's disgusting. We humans haven't progressed in the slightest over the past two hundred years. Gotten worse, in fact, as the government has learned how to control the masses of the people and render them irrelevant. 300 million times zero is still zero.

Less than 10% of the people of the United States eschew TeeVee and get their news of the world by reading newspapers, most of them from other countries where the phrase "free press" still has some meaning. It is therefore not surprising that only 10% of the people in the United States are engaged in activist and progressive activities, less than 10% do not believe in a god, less than 10% engage in rational thought and speech, less than 10% know that the United States is not Democracy and less that 10% are engaged in the true process of democracy: daily community decision-making in our homes. neighborhoods, villages and towns with neighbors, friends and family.

The Liar in Chief and his band of Neo-con artists are preparing the way for the next wave of grifters, thugs and feebs to replace him in the Oval Office. Who? Does it matter? As long as God is waiting in the wings, who's to say we're not all in good hands.

Papers, pliss, Citizen?

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