Thursday, February 09, 2006

US Plans Massive Data Sweep

US Plans Massive Data Sweep

One of the truisms that's really true is that when you hear about something happening in the security industry, it's already happened and is no longer important.

"Massive data sweeps" have been going on for a long time, coupling telephone, mail, humint (intelligence gathered by people) with newer computer techniques. In fact, almost all computer surveillance is instigated by intelligence gathered from analog (non-computer) sources.

So the above headline tells us that massive data sweeps have been going on for some time and ADVISE has been replaced by something more effective and harder to detect.

I suspect that ADVISE has been replaced by a larger, more comprehensive computer network that incorporates data sources from government, industry and the internet, allowing data sifting to occur on a massive scale not achievable until Homeland Security and the Patriot Act led the way to massive breakdowns in privacy restrictions.

We'll see soon enough.


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