Sunday, February 12, 2006

Porcupine blog: Why Is US Capitalism So Barbaric?

Capitalism is only as barbaric as the people who participate in it. All human social systems instituted from the top down are barbaric, in that they impose someone else's will over that of the people.

The only legitimate form of social organization is that which arises of itself from the people. In another word, anarchy. Since larger and larger groupings of people have a harder and harder time in deciding just who "the people" are, anarchies must be, of necessity, small societies based on local production for local consumption, within bioregionally defined geographic areas, in which the people can live within the natural biological and geophysical limitations of the bioregions.

This does not preclude large populations from living in anarchies. It merely precludes centralized authoritarian rule over large populations. Viewed through the local end of the telescope, authority rises from the people only to the level at which cirmcumstances require its application, after which authority devolves to the local group.

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  1. Anonymous6:27 PM

    I agree with your precise concept of anarchy. Amongst all the academic and ivory tower theorizing, one has to get out and work on what works on the ground. Bioregionalism I think is a huge determinate factor in self-determinate groups and the most effective way to geographically let each community define itself. Hey I thought of joke: Not only did Dick shoot his wad prematurely, he was aiming at the wrong bush(!)