Sunday, January 22, 2006

Does the ELF or ALF really exist

I've said it here and elswhere several times: ELF, ALF and Earth First! (the old Earth First!, not the present earth first) never existed as organizations. These are banners under which we march, ideals to which we aspire, codes of conduct we observe as we wage a never-ending battle against the forces of capitalism, greed, avarice and political opportunism that mask as government in the United States today.

The parallels between the machinations of the FBI domestically and the CIA internationally are interesting to contemplate:

The FBI claims that two "groups:" Earth Liberation Front and Animal Liberation Front, organize destruction of private property in defense of the earth and its non-human inhabitants. They (the FBI) go before Congress (the opposite of progress) and ask for more and more money to fight this dire ecoterrorist threat, citing spokespersons, websites, scrawled acronyms and ephemeral emails as evidence of a nation-wide (hints of international connections) organization bent on environmental mayhem. Their favorite source is Ron Arnold, a ravening private property rights terrorist I've encountered in various guises over the years.

Internationally, the CIA conveniently receives an audio tape they say came from Osama Bin Laden with dire warnings for the United States, just at the right time to distract the press and the people from embarrassing hearings and trials going on in Washington, hearings and trials that threaten to reveal the lies and deceit of the current administration.

Seems like very similar tactics, these two, the control of information, the spread of disinformation, the use of lies, plants, agents provocateurs, deceptive web sites. I suspect that any webs sites or email discussion list that had any negative comments about the powers that be, has been infiltrated, manipulated, certainly monitored and messed with. There is an odd quiet on the web these days from those who were formerly very loud in their opposition. The promise of cyber-democracy seems to have faded behind the screen of marketing and information control.

No way to prove it, of course. Nevertheless, where there's smoke, there's fire; if it quacks like a duck... and all that.


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    Hey, good name! I would say you have a close likeness to your name, and even Cactus Ed. I'll check back and read more of your blog.