Friday, January 20, 2006

11 Indicted in Cases of Environmental Sabotage - New York Times

11 Indicted in Cases of Environmental Sabotage - New York Times:

"WASHINGTON, Jan. 20 - A federal grand jury in Eugene, Ore., has indicted 11 people on charges that they committed acts of domestic terrorism on behalf of two shadowy environmental groups, the Earth Liberation Front and the Animal Liberation Front."

The theater of the absurd continues!

ELF and ALF are not organizations, they are ideals. They have no members. They have no creed. They have no meetings. They have no dues. ELF and ALF are banners under which anyone can march. Anyone can be ELF. Everyone can be ALF.

I am proud to be a follower of the Earth Liberation Front. It is my purpose to Liberate the Earth from the mad, imperialist warmongers who have taken over the United States government in the name of Christianity and made the United States a mockery in the global community. It is my purpose to free the Earth from those who destroy it for private gain, and then send their jack-booted thugs against those who would defend her. It is my purpose to defend all animals against the cruel and inhumane corporate toadies who use all life to their filthy pockets will ill-gotten gain.

The Earth is suffering at the hands of madmen. The Bush administration and almost all politicians in the United States government are totally insane, incapable of doing anything to stop a headlong rush into environmental destruction. The government of the United States exists only to support private property rights and unlimited economic growth. If the insane occupants of the halls of Washington, DC are not somehow stopped, all of life on Earth will suffer.

For what? A few measly coins scattered on their coffins.



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