Sunday, February 13, 2005

A Non-Denial Denial

Is anyone surprised?

Of course the United States military is checking out Iran.! What's all the saber rattling for otherwise. US "drones" and probably workers and Queen Bees as well have been flying over Iran from months, not to mention satellites and high altitude reconnaissance planes. Think all the Blackbirds are in museums? is Hersh's original article in the New Yorker.

The foxes are fully in charge of te henhouse now and there's no turning back. The have four years to consolidate the Middle east for energy corporations and the energy support structure befor ete next challenge. Fortunately for them, and unfortunately for us, the only challneger on the horizon is the Democratic national Committee, aka the Republican Party.

Make no mistake, the US will destroy Iran's nuclear power program and as much of its military infrastructure as it can. Who will stop them? 86% of the American people believe in God; over 60% are fundamentalist Christians. Bush holds daily prayer meetings in the White House. 2+2=5. War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Murder is Christian.

Thou shalt not kill, unless thou shall make a profit.

Leona Gulch
Pacicif Plate

Coming to a bin near you, the spy that tells how much rubbish you create

Coming to a bin near you, the spy that tells how much rubbish you create

So this is the future, then?

Everything in our lives will be wired, plugged in, monored and reported. Our "driver licenses," aka universal identify card, will have a chip with all our vital information, bioemtric data, digitally stored photograph, fingerprints, retina pattern, voice print and facial feature data set. It will be readable at ten paces so that our movements can be monitored, tracked and recorded at all times, and called up with the press of a button. No need for awkward phone taps, surveillence camera, mysterious men in trench coats. All very simple and electronic.

So what happens if we opt out? What if I decide to not renew my driver license next year? I can't fly on commercial airplanes? Can't ride on AMTRAK or Greyhound? What if I don't get a credit card? No loans, rent rather than buy a house, ride my bike, hitchhike.

Where does it stop?

When do we tell them, "No more!

How many peple in the United States know that the House passed the Read ID Act and what is in it? How many of those care?

It's time!

Leona Gulch
Pacific Plate