Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Put up or slink away

The Oval One's latest speech clearly demonstrates how pitifully isolated Bush has become in the White House, separated from the American people by a wall of arrogance, elitism and just plain stupidity; separated from the invasion and occupation of Iraq, and the murder of thousands of innocents, by fundamentalist blinders, ideological earmuffs and a complete inability to conceive of, let alone express, a coherent foreign policy.

The First Puppet's strings are being cut, one by, as his puppet masters are revealed behind the curtains as the immoral, criminal, mother-rapers and father-stabbers hanging around the back stage ever since Ronald Reagan tottered off to the ranch.

It's obvious that the Neocons have abandoned The Shrub to the dogs of war, to be peed on by every passing canine. Left to his own devices, Dubya can only sputter and make silly faces at the cameras. Everyone has to be good at something.

Meanwhile, the Corporate Stenographers of Power continue to trot out John Kerry as the feeble spoke for the Democratic Party, since there is no one allowed to take on the mantel of incipient opponent to the Republican Party in our upcoming quadrennial spasm of deferred democracy, aka our National Election. This is all the more surprising and disappointing, since luminaries such as Dennis Kucinich, Barbara Boxer, Cynthia McKinney and Barbara Lee have long held the banner of the anti-war, pro-peace majority since the last (stolen) election.

If the Democratic Party is ever to be an alternative to the woefully lacking Republican Party (if there is indeed any difference at all between them), it is time now for these Democrats to step forward and loudly claim their rightful place in the political debate. If they do not now drive their stake in the sand and declare their stand against imperialism and fascism, government corruption and corporate dominance of the political process, the corporate oligarchy now running the country, with the eager aid and assistance of corporate media, will choose for us all, offering up another non-candidate to run hand-in-pocket beside the next republican Puppet-in-Waiting.

It's put up or shut up time now, Democrats! Speak up now or forever hold your peace, so to speak... or will it be war?

Michael Lewis
Leona Gulch
Pacific Plate

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