Monday, July 18, 2005

The Contrarian Ethic

It's been a full moon or two since I last visited these pages, not for lack of incentive; more a product of sloth and general discouragement (removal of courage-ment).

The State of the Government of the United States, not my government; their government; continues to deteriorate. Ourselves living in this day and age, at least some of us, those who are aware, consider the State to be increasingly oppressive, increasingly imperialist, increasingly fascist. Those who consider the lessons of history realize it was ever thus. Those in possession of ultimate power strive at all times to maintain possession of said power. They are never reluctant to wield this power in defence of their own hegemony.

Thus the lies, the subterfuge, the midnight meetings, the courts, the jails, the jack-booted thugs... all created and maintained to preserve a monopoly on power and force, violent force whenever necessary.. or expedient.

The trickle down theory really works. When the country is ruled by the mentally defficient, the morally bankrupt, the beetle-browed thugs, those of like demeanor and mental capacity rise to the surface, like scum floating to the top of an unstirred pot.

That's my purpose on this here electronic babble box, to stir the pot, keep the scum safely dissolved among the masses, keep the flame low on dissent and healthy rebellion. A society of compliance is a sick society, devoid of the contrarian thought and expression that keeps human gatherings alive and healthy.

Long live the weeds and the wilderness!


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