Sunday, June 05, 2005

A troubling rise in violence for green causes |

A troubling rise in violence for green causes |

Troubling to whom? Those who lose money because their property has been trashed? Their property that trashes the non-human world on a daily basis?

Even though this is a serious escalation on the part of the Homeland Security drones, using this as a blatant excuse to ratchet down the thumb screws on "citizens" everywhere, it's pretty amusing to think of armor-clad, jack-booted thugs getting their black undies in a twist over a bunch of animal rights activists.

Compared to the daily terrorism visted on the people of Iraq by the United States government, ELF and ALF are less than amateurs, barely beyond the sandbox phase. ELF and ALF are not even groups, merely individuals operating loosely under the banner of animal rights. Anyone can paint ELF on the sidewalk outside a burning 4,000 square foot abomination. That doesn't mean that some globall terrorist cell is reponsible, merely a 16 year old kid with a box of matches and a gallon of gas.

But then, who is fooled? We know this is all propaganda, part of the disinformation campaign to keep people in fear long enough for the central authorities to bugger them in either end and build support for their mythical "War on Terror." Since there are no Communists about these days, blacks are pretty quiet, the Soviet Union put to bed, even Communist China acting more like a trading partner than an ideological foe, the constabulary has to come up with some enemy somewhere, somone to build up the irrationality, some Goldstein to hold up to prompt a Minute of Hate, or two or three, just to keep the people from thinking and figuring things out for themsleves.

No, ELF and ALF are not the enemies; they are us. Our enemies are the state, the jack-booted thugs, the militarized police, the government toady, the corporate sycophant. Let's put their pictures on the wall, subject them to well-deserved scorn and obloquy.

When the government turns on the people, it is a sure sign that oligarchy and totalitarianism have driven out any meaningful form of democracy. It's time for us to turn our backs on central government, walk away and create our own society.

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