Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Anarchy and Energy

Appreciating the role of anarchy in human social organization comes from an understanding of biology, anthropology, quantum physics, Buddhism and, most importantly, Taoism.

The core principle of all life is called wu-wei in Taoist tradition, which has been mistranslated as "not doing," but which actually means "self-arising."

Life is not centrally organized. An apple tree does not have a committee to decide how to grow apples. The apple tree "apples," as a self-arising characteristic of its being. A human being does not consult the central directorate to decide how his or her face should look. Humans "face" as a part of being a human being, one's face self-arising from the totally of one's existence. We are all responsible for our face after the age of 25 or so.

The bee hive does not hold elections periodically to elect the queen. The queen self-arises from the swarm, actually changing physically as queen status is achieved.

Only humans have the hubris to claim that human social organization is determined by human intent, that all humans must look to central authority to determine how to live, that, indeed, as Daniel Quinn has pointed out, there there is one right way to live.

This state of being human arises from effort, planning, manipulation... busyness. And results in much negativity in an attempt to thwart and co-opt our natural self-arising behavior. Human society and culture arise from the activities of humans. Any attempt to manipulate human society and culture creates friction as humans balk at denial of our essential anarchic being. No Central authority has ever existed that did not have to guard against resistance by the subject population. The state is the apparatus by which central authority guards its monopoly of power and seeks to prevent anarchic self-rule. No state exists to benefit the mass of the people. All states are organized to benefit the few at the expense of the many. No state is required to protect the people from themselves.

We are now seeing the inevitable result of humans attempting to centrally organize a decentrally organized world. Humans can only temporarily reverse the natural order: entropy always increases. It's not just a good idea, it's the law!

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    Great stuff, Michael. As always....

    Jack Burns

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