Thursday, June 16, 2005

Peak Oil: grab it while you can!

I'm beginning to think, more and more, that global climate change and Peak Oil are opportunities rather than problems, the old Chinese course.

Besides being environmentally unsustainable, human society has been largely dominated by, well, dominating types! The meek have never inherited the earth, even if they ever wanted it in the first place. Under present conditions, the meek are easily dominated by the strong and willful, who have monopolized access to energy and power for their own dominating purposes.

That's all changing now as Peak Oil begins to take a bigger bite, and global climate change really threatens the continuance of human life. A world of less energy will necessarily b a world of less central control, as it takes energy to maintain far-flung control systems.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Anarchy and Energy

Appreciating the role of anarchy in human social organization comes from an understanding of biology, anthropology, quantum physics, Buddhism and, most importantly, Taoism.

The core principle of all life is called wu-wei in Taoist tradition, which has been mistranslated as "not doing," but which actually means "self-arising."

Life is not centrally organized. An apple tree does not have a committee to decide how to grow apples. The apple tree "apples," as a self-arising characteristic of its being. A human being does not consult the central directorate to decide how his or her face should look. Humans "face" as a part of being a human being, one's face self-arising from the totally of one's existence. We are all responsible for our face after the age of 25 or so.

The bee hive does not hold elections periodically to elect the queen. The queen self-arises from the swarm, actually changing physically as queen status is achieved.

Only humans have the hubris to claim that human social organization is determined by human intent, that all humans must look to central authority to determine how to live, that, indeed, as Daniel Quinn has pointed out, there there is one right way to live.

This state of being human arises from effort, planning, manipulation... busyness. And results in much negativity in an attempt to thwart and co-opt our natural self-arising behavior. Human society and culture arise from the activities of humans. Any attempt to manipulate human society and culture creates friction as humans balk at denial of our essential anarchic being. No Central authority has ever existed that did not have to guard against resistance by the subject population. The state is the apparatus by which central authority guards its monopoly of power and seeks to prevent anarchic self-rule. No state exists to benefit the mass of the people. All states are organized to benefit the few at the expense of the many. No state is required to protect the people from themselves.

We are now seeing the inevitable result of humans attempting to centrally organize a decentrally organized world. Humans can only temporarily reverse the natural order: entropy always increases. It's not just a good idea, it's the law!

Live Oak
Pacific Plate

Sunday, June 05, 2005

A troubling rise in violence for green causes |

A troubling rise in violence for green causes |

Troubling to whom? Those who lose money because their property has been trashed? Their property that trashes the non-human world on a daily basis?

Even though this is a serious escalation on the part of the Homeland Security drones, using this as a blatant excuse to ratchet down the thumb screws on "citizens" everywhere, it's pretty amusing to think of armor-clad, jack-booted thugs getting their black undies in a twist over a bunch of animal rights activists.

Compared to the daily terrorism visted on the people of Iraq by the United States government, ELF and ALF are less than amateurs, barely beyond the sandbox phase. ELF and ALF are not even groups, merely individuals operating loosely under the banner of animal rights. Anyone can paint ELF on the sidewalk outside a burning 4,000 square foot abomination. That doesn't mean that some globall terrorist cell is reponsible, merely a 16 year old kid with a box of matches and a gallon of gas.

But then, who is fooled? We know this is all propaganda, part of the disinformation campaign to keep people in fear long enough for the central authorities to bugger them in either end and build support for their mythical "War on Terror." Since there are no Communists about these days, blacks are pretty quiet, the Soviet Union put to bed, even Communist China acting more like a trading partner than an ideological foe, the constabulary has to come up with some enemy somewhere, somone to build up the irrationality, some Goldstein to hold up to prompt a Minute of Hate, or two or three, just to keep the people from thinking and figuring things out for themsleves.

No, ELF and ALF are not the enemies; they are us. Our enemies are the state, the jack-booted thugs, the militarized police, the government toady, the corporate sycophant. Let's put their pictures on the wall, subject them to well-deserved scorn and obloquy.

When the government turns on the people, it is a sure sign that oligarchy and totalitarianism have driven out any meaningful form of democracy. It's time for us to turn our backs on central government, walk away and create our own society.

Twin Lakes
Pacific Plate

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Time for a wee dram of reality all around, then?

The ability and even propensity of humans to fool themselves into total ignorance is amazing!

We are entering the end of the Age of Oil. Really! Forget about the price of gas. Irrelevant.

Look at the rate of oil production in Saudi Arabia. Flat out, pedal to the metal. No more go in the old Go Fast pedal.

Look at the rate of oil discovery anywhere in the world. Limp as a eunuch's swizzle stick.

What does this tell us? Civilization is fucked!

Now I've never been a great proponent of civilization; it's a bad go even at the best of it: ice cubes, single-malt scotch, Raleigh three-speed bicycles, underwire bras, hand-pulled ale. Most of what passes for civlization consists of murder, property destruction, theft at the point of arms. We'd been better off if the astrolabe had never been invented.

That's all in the past now, because civilization took a turning right at the point when human industry was severely limited by the number of trees left standing in Great Britain, and someone discovered the steam engine, then oil, and figured out what to do with it, and its been downhill ever since... until just now.

Now we know that oil is a finite resource. Big Surpise, eh? Not only that, we've discovered that we've already burned up the easy bits, and the lot that's left costs a bundle more and takes a lot more energy to extract and produce than that which is slouching about the stratosphere mucking up the planet's air conditioning. It doesn't matter that there's still a lot of oil left because it takes a lot more oil to turn it into fire in the old ticker's engine. The more we use the more we lose. Downhill the rest of the way to the bottom.

What does this mean? Well, old chum, you can forget about going to the moon, and condos in space, swift and efficient cheap air flights to Honduras, a DVD in every living room and electric cars purring from burbs to skyscapers. It's back to feets and bicycles, horses and standard class railway coaches, sprouts from the local allotment and Chateau Fleet Street 2006. The Global Economy is going local and this time for true.

Not a moment too soon.