Sunday, May 15, 2005

Peak Oil creeps into the mainstream

Peak oil is finally beginning to appear in print other than email discussion lists and blogs. The End of Suburbia, Kunstler's Bad Guy for many years, is finally getting notice. It may be a new cause celbre, but it's one we sorely need.

Kunstler's Salon interview lays it out in pretty realistic terms: not a crash but a long, inevitable slide down the razor blade of societal decline, as the sprawl-based global economy grinds to a halt on a track no longer lubricated by cheap and abundant oil. It's too late for anyone to do anything about; perhaps that's best, limiting the period of social angst as we get on with the business of grappling with a real economy and a real society based on local production for local concumption.

As we've said for many years, a thousand years from now we'll all be living in place.

Leona Gulch
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