Thursday, March 10, 2005

I've had it!

This is too much!

The United States is spiraling down into a fascist, totalitarian state, and dragging much of the rest of the world down with it.

Yes, one can live quietly within one's electronically equipped home, avoiding potential confrontations with the constabulary, or the neighbors. That's what "they" want, of course, an unconcerned and compliant citizenry that accepts "internal security check-points," universal IDs (cum "drivers license"), "security" alerts from the central authority, chains, rubber hoses and sharp-toothed dogs. It's all of a piece; one thing leads inevitably to the next; the long slide down into darkness.

The state always replaces freedom with security. This particular state excels at making its people love their velvet chains, substituting consumer excess for the freedoms it takes away, gradually, day by day. The simple, thoughtful, introspective life is smothered under a barrage of noise and infotainment, thus assuring quiet compliance with the demands of the ruling elite.

"I will not go quietly into the night. Rage, rage with the dying of the light."

Hayduke Speaks

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