Friday, February 11, 2005

Well, there you are, then...

House approves electronic ID cards | CNET

This law will probably, I say, probably, never pass the Senate and will not see the light of day. Maybe. If we're very, very lucky.

However, this is not the end of the story. There are many (mis)representatives in our Great National Asylum for the Helpless in Washington, DC intent on seeing that each Patridiotic 'Merikan carries a genuine, certified, vetted and Ofiicially approved United States of America Governemnt ID card, compete with a work of art in glowing color of each Citizen and an electronic file embedded, possibly in a chip that can be read by suitabe equiment from a distance of several feet, the whole thing encased in tasteful plastic.

"Your papers, pliz, Citizen."

We've always shied away from such totalitarian shenanigans in this country, at least until recently, a hold-over from our Colonial past no doubt, and our dark fanasies about Nazi Germany, some of which spill over, along with the Nazis hired to create the CIA, into contemporary American culture.

It's only a matter of time; the pendulum swings slowly and unstoppably. We're in the end of the Weimar Republic again, a major economic depression on the horizon, fundamentalist extremists in command of the government. The velvet fist of fascism ever present, biding its time in the wings for another turn on stage.

You would think we humans would learn at some time, with this brain thing of ours perched awkwardly high above our shoulders. Maybe that's the problem: too much wind blowing through empty skulls. When ideology and politics are reduced to demographics and polls, intelligence takes a back seat to gullibility.

'Twas ever thus.

Leona Gulch
pacific Plate

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